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CEO Statement

Keep updated here for all announcements regarding the re-opening of our facilities!

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Swimming Lessons at TLT

Our Nofio Swim Academy builds water confidence, skills and aquatic ability from the age of 4 months, right through to performance swimming!

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Waiting List FAQ's

Waiting List FAQ’s

Our waiting lists have been re-added to our group exercise classes to enable members a better chance of getting a place in our popular classes.


We have put together some frequently asked questions to make the process a little clearer for our customers.


Do I automatically get put into the class if a space becomes available?

No. When a place becomes available everyone on the waiting list will be notified by email. The places are then given on a first come, first served basis and you will need to click on the link in the email to secure your place in the class.


When will I get notified if a place becomes available?

If you are on the waiting list and a place becomes available, you will receive an email to let you know that the space is available. These will be sent out up to 5 days in advance of the class.

You must click on the BOOK link in the email to secure your place. Please do not leave the email and then try to use the Mobile App to book your space. It must be booked through the email link directly.

If you no longer require the place, then please remove yourself off the waiting list. You can do this via the mobile app, online connect system or by calling our team on 01633 627100.


What if I do not receive any emails?

Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can check your account to ensure that your email address is correct on the system and there are no errors on your account. You can call our Team on 01633 627100, email us enquiries@torfaenleisuretrust.co.uk or message us through our social media accounts;




Please ensure that you have your own email on your account and that you do not use the same email as another member. This will cause issues with you being added onto the waiting lists and receiving alerts.


Why has the waiting list system changed?

The previous waiting list system was removed, as it didn’t function as we hoped it would. For example we were unable to call customers whilst our centres were closed. This would impact early morning and evening classes. Customers were not always aware that they had been moved into a class and if this process was adopted now, customers could receive a charge if they are not aware that they have been automatically moved into the class and fail to attend.

When customers were telephoned as per a numbered waiting list, on most occasions, customers were not contactable or available. This resulted in empty spaces in our classes, as the bookings team would have to wait for a customer to respond causing a delay.

With the current staffing levels due to the COVID pandemic and the significantly reduced numbers in each class, we have moved to an automated system. This will allow more customers the opportunity to attend classes and will not be impacted by the opening/closing times of our centres.

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Updated CEO Statement

December 16, 2020
Keep updated here for all announcements regarding the re-opening of our facilities!


March 19, 2021
Go Fit LIVE is now bookable!! Experience real-time and interactive classes with your favourite TLT Instructors!